United Methodist Men

We meet on the second Saturday of the every month for Breakfast at 7:30 in the fellowship hall.


Our Mission Statement
(1) To encourage and support Christian and Spiritual development among the men of the church. Given the complexity of activities/projects and events at Church, an attempt is being made to establish an additional/separate Spiritual Leadership role within the Men’s Group. This spiritual leader would focus on assuring appropriate emphasis on ongoing Christian and Spiritual Development.

(2) Assist the youth leaders of the church with youth activities consistent with Spiritual growth and youth serving ministries. Men’s Group members are now participating directly in both planning and delivery of youth events. We hope to mentor our youth and foster meaningful growth in our relationships. We are supportive (funding and hands–on assistance) of efforts to physically alter the Youth Meeting area to increase its appeal as a center for social activity; a destination for them and their peers. We are participating in planning to assure growth in Youth Ministries and to be able to provide them opportunities to deliver hands-on support within the community. The senior male youth are being invited to join the Men’s Group as part of a transition to adult hood.

(3) Support the church and local community with our time and financial assistance in order to promote ministry and good will. Invitations were extended to our local non-profit Housing Authority, JABA, Social Services, and multiple (local) volunteer organizations to work with us to identify appropriate hands-on projects for our Men’s Group. Simultaneously, we extended invitations to the leadership of the Men’s Groups in local (8 square miles) Christian churches to join us in working on projects that benefit the local community. Our intention is to meet with other groups so we can work together on a social, Spiritual and hands-on (community development) level. An offspring of our action was to also extend invitations to the leadership of women’s and Youth groups in the local community to contact our respective group leaders. As of this date, Sept. 10th, introductory meetings are being scheduled with each Church that responds. We hope to work out mutual objectives. It is anticipated that Men’s Group members from multiple churches might work together on projects to benefit the local community. A separate chapter of Building Goodness may need to be established to provide members protection from frivolous suits in this litigious society.

(4) Support and work with the county chapter of Habitat for Humanity. During 2010 the Men’s Group was recognized for contributing over 250 hours of volunteer labor for Habitat for Humanity. Our church continues to support Habitat for Humanity on a regular financial basis. Currently, there isn’t any Habitat for Humanity work available. In place of this, the men have lent a hand regularly on a variety of projects to assist others in the local community. When we respond to requests for assistance, we consistently supplement our core team of volunteers with the company of neighbors and friends who enjoy working with us. We consider their involvement a great blessing! The community wide effort mentioned above should result in the generation of a list of ongoing projects that benefit the community while building and reinforcing Christian values.

(5) Reach out to county and state organizations to assist with mission support and to promote awareness of our organizations, our church and the doctrines and beliefs of the United Methodist Church. If our invitations are received gracefully, we will enter a phase of community relations in which local charitable organizations, men of multiple churches, our youth and women’s groups will regularly work to help the less fortunate in our community.

Sunday Service Times

Worship - 9:00am

(Nursery Provided)

Sunday School - 10:30am

Macedonia UMC

17 Byrd Mill Road

Louisa, VA  23093

(540) 967-3970

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